Best Practices After Filing a Insurance Claim

When it comes to disasters, you can never be too sure when they strike. While you may be too occupied with other things after the disaster, first consider contacting a professionally trained AmeriClaims public adjuster. They are not only meant to lead you to the right direction but equally qualified to assist you make the most of this unfavorable situation.

Damaged House From Tree

Moreover, a NC, SC, or FL public adjuster has the necessary knowledge to help you get whatever you’re entitled to because they can understand your insurance coverage in detail. Rather than wallowing in worry, here are a few things you could do to help make this process quick.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The earlier you contact your insurance company, the better for you because this will make the claims process begin sooner. It’s important for you to inform your insurance company of the damage to your property. Fortunately, insurance companies are always on call 24 hours a day ready to help you whenever you call to report the damages.

Secure the Damaged Property

This doesn’t mean that you should repair the damage. Rather than fixing any holes, cover them up. Or perhaps if you have any broken windows, be sure to board them up. The insurance company may take some time inspecting the damage so just secure them. After all, you want the company to get a clear view of the damage, right? Important to note however is, any damage that will occur after reporting the claim would not be accounted for.

Put It Down On Paper

Document everything down and make sure you’re as detailed as possible without leaving anything out. How many items were damaged? How old was your property? Do you know its current cash value? If so, note it down. If you can, take a few photos or videos to attach to your document. Additionally, you could list an estimate of how much it would cost replacing every item.

Get a Place to Stay Temporarily

Often, you may find that a natural disaster has unfortunately caused severe damage to your home, and you couldn’t lay your head down to rest let alone stay in it. If this is the case, find another place to stay temporarily. Your insurance company could cover these living expenses depending on the insurance policy taken provided it is comparable to your currently damaged residence.

Final Thought

A good company will surely help you in case such a disaster strikes leaving your home or business damaged especially when you need to deal with an insurance company hoping to pay you less.

AmeriClaims is here for you, be sure to contact us and let our team of trained and experienced public adjusters make things easier for you. Visit

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